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Institute of Bone and Joint Research

Country Population Area Capital/Currency Code
Australia 21515754 7686850.0 Canberra/AUD
Australia occpies 7692024 km of territory, which is 0.052% of world's total territory and it stands at rank 6 in the list of largest countries in the world. Australia is the only country that is a coterminous with a continent. Largest country without a land-border to neighbors. By far largest country in Oceania.

Local time: Sat, 23 Sep 2017, 10:45:12
 at Australia/Lord_Howe

Currency: Australian Dollar
Official Languages: (no official language) Australian English (80% of the population)
Other Languages: Mandarin, Italian, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages, many of those languages are considered to be ‘endangered’.
Language Codes: en-AU
Political System: federal parliamentary democracy and a Commonwealth realm
Land/Water Area (in Sq km): 7682300.00/58920
Elevation (Above/Below) Sea Level in meters: 2229.0/
GDP per Capita Income (in USD): 65520
Birth per 1000: 12.19
Death per 1000: 7.07

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Date & Time Zones in Australia

UTC/GMT Date Time: Sep 23 2017 00:08:52

  • UTC+11:00 (NFT) — Norfolk Island
  • UTC+10:30 — Lord Howe Island
  • UTC+10:00 (AEST) — Queensland, New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory, Victoria, Tasmania
  • UTC+09:30 (ACST) — South Australia, Northern Territory
  • UTC+08:00 (AWST) — Western Australia
  • UTC+07:00 (CXT) — Christmas Island
  • UTC+06:30 — Cocos (Keeling) Islands
  • UTC+05:00 — Heard and McDonald Islands

  • Category:  Orthopedic Hospitals
    Address:  University of Sydney, Sydney, NSW, 2006
    Subcontinent and Continent:  Australia and New Zealand , Oceanic
    Country:  Australia Phone  61 2 9926 7239
    City:  Sydney
    State:  New South Wales
    Latitude:  -33.89008
    Longitude:  151.19238
    Zip Code:  2000
    Contact Address:  University of Sydney, Sydney, NSW, Australia
    Latitude in Degree, Minute, Second [Direction]:  33° 53' 24" S
    Longitude in Degree, Minute, Second [Direction]:  151° 11' 32" E
    UTM (Universal Transverse Mercator) projection is: Northing: 6248561, Easting: 332844, Zone: 56H
    GPS (Global Positioning System) is: Northing: -3751438, Easting: 332844, Zone: 56H
    Local TM (Transverse Mercator) projection centered at longitude: 153
    Lambert Projection: Northing: 26571988, Easting: 8234358
    Browser/Visitor at Ashburn, United States is:  15675.865196198 km away from this Hospital-Institute of Bone and Joint Research, Australia

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