Disiwuwu Branch of the Chinese People's Liberation Army Hospital

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  Disiwuwu Branch of the Chinese People's Liberation Army Hospital
Disiwuwu Branch of the Chinese People's Liberation Army Hospital is an entity in China

Australia's national newspaper launches online Mandarin language news site
Australia's national newspaper, The Australian, has launched a new Mandarin language version of their online news service on Thursday, in a move it says will help it to better connect with its local Chinese readers. The new website - cn.theaustralian.com ...

The Australian newspaper launches Chinese language website
The website will include translations of national, regional and international news and analysis, selected by the newspaper's editors. The website will sit outside of the Australian's paywall, and it's expected that about ten stories will sit on the site.

Dutch newspaper fires correspondent in China for making fake news
Dutch daily newspaper NRC fired its China correspondent Oscar Garschagen for fabricating fake news, NRC announced on Wednesday. "Garschagen has made serious mistakes in recent years against our journalistic rules," chief editor Peter Vandermeersch stated.

Two Chinese newspapers say regulators have ordered the country's exchanges for the digital currency bitcoin to shut down
BEIJING (AP) -- Regulators have ordered Chinese bitcoin exchanges to close, two business newspapers reported Thursday, after uncertainty about the digital currency's future in China caused its price to plunge. Regulators in Shanghai, the country's ...

CSL: ‘Overweight’ Tevez symbol of Chinese largesse
China’s most cosmopolitan city. “The language is complicated, but with the food there are people who suffer a little more and that happened to Tevez,” Poyet told Argentina’s La Nacion newspaper. “At the beginning he ate almost nothing.

China-born New Zealand lawmaker says he’s loyal to new home
The Financial Times newspaper reported Yang spent years training and teaching at Chinese military colleges, including one where deep cover agents are trained, and had been investigated by New Zealand's Security Intelligence Service.

Rediscovered Chinese seal surfaces at auction in southwestern France
A recently rediscovered Chinese soapstone seal, believed to have belonged to ... plus special offers from The Art Newspaper. You may need to add the address newsletter@theartnewspaper.com to your safe list so it isn't automatically moved to your junk ...

It Is Neither Realistic Nor Feasible To Ban Bitcoin: China’s Leading Newspaper
Major Chinese news outlet People has released an article stating it is “not feasible” to ban Bitcoin in China. According to the author, Guanghua University professor Liu Xiaolei, authorities should only be concerned about cryptocurrency’s potential ...

Fix the Chinese omission
He was appointed Advisor on Chinese affairs in 1922 (quoted from Professor Wong ... continue to present their thought (without fear and favour) in public forum or in newspapers to enlighten Sabahans.

Major news items in leading German newspapers
-- On Sunday, U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson explained that the U.S. could remain in the Paris Climate Convention. On June 1, U.S. President Donald Trump had announced that his country would quit the historic climate agreement. Foreign Minister ...