Digitizing Medical Documents

Digitizing Medical DocumentsIt is a common fact that hospitals and doctors need a patient’s detailed medical history before treating them. But when you have traveled several thousands miles to a strange new country leaving your regular hospital and doctors behind, it would indeed be difficult for you to carry all your medical documents with you in person. That’s why; digitized medical documents are becoming popular with medical tourists and Asian hospitals, these days.

What are digitized medical documents?

Secure digitizing of medical documents is the process through which all your medical records are converted into the digital format and stored securely in a server for future reference. Digitizing medical documents involves medical document imaging, medical record management, medical record scanning, and medical record storage. It’s a cost-effective process where the patient gets to keep the originals for future use. The patient is usually provided with a Privacy Number for limited access by the patient and the healthcare professional.

What are the benefits of digitized medical documents for medical tourists?

The benefits are plenty, especially when the patient travels abroad as a medical tourist. The patient doesn’t have to carry all her medical records on her. The doctors in India or Thailand or any other country can access any information about the patient’s previous medical history with just the click of a mouse. Also, there is no question of forgetting an important CT-scan report or an X-ray. The digitized document is updated for future reference and the patient can continue to use it after returning to her own country.

Digitized medical documents are also very useful during the early stages of consultation between a doctor and the medical tourist. Since these consultations are held via the internet, it would be cumbersome to send scans and X-rays through the standard mail. Digitized medical documents can be accessed in seconds, so they save greatly on time and money.

Are digitized medical documents cost-effective?

Yes. They are very cost-effective. You have to do the digitization process only once. And you can keep updating the digital medical records as and when needed. You can access your documents anywhere in the world. There is complete privacy. So, the benefits far outweigh the minimal costs involved.

As a medical tourist, where can I get my medical records digitized?

Many private medical document management firms in countries like the US and UK offer this service. However, if you want to go in for a more inexpensive service, you can talk to your medical tourism service provider or the hospital in Asia you are planning to visit. They usually have tie-ups with private companies in their own countries who can do the same service for a lot less. For example, an x-ray digitization in India costs $30 for the first X-ray and $5 for all other X-rays. It’s far more cost-effective than in the US or UK.