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Anti Wrinkle Cream

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Anti Wrinkle Cream

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Although wrinkles can be signs of experience and wisdom, most people would rather not have them

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Although wrinkles can be signs of experience and wisdom, most people would rather not have them
However, skin ages all over the body, but much more so where there has been sun exposure. Changes brought on by sun damage include "dryness", sagginess, skin growths and wrinkles. These are found primarily on the parts of the body where sun exposure is greatest. These areas especially include the face, neck, the backs of the hands, and the tops of the forearms.

But, why do wrinkles appear? How does our skin get old?

As a person ages the epidermal cells become thinner and less sticky. The thinner cells make the skin look noticeably thinner. The decreased stickiness of the cells decreases the effectiveness of the barrier function allowing moisture to be released instead of being kept in the skin. This causes dryness.

The number of epidermal cells decreases by 10% per decade and they divide more slowly as we age making the skin less able to repair itself quickly. The effects of aging, on the dermal layer are significant. With the years, not only the dermal layer gets thinner, also less collagen is produced and the elastin fibers that provide elasticity wear out. These changes in the scaffolding of the skin cause the skin to wrinkle and sag.

In the subcutaneous layer, the fat cells get smaller with age. This leads to more noticeable wrinkles and sagging, as the fat cells cannot "fill in" the damage from the other layers.
There are also some factors that promote wrinkles:

� Smoking
� Skin type (people with light-colored skin and blue eyes are more susceptible to sun damage)
� Heredity (some families wrinkle more)
� Hairstyle (depending on how much skin is covered by hair and protected from the sun)
� Dress (again, by determining which skin is exposed)
� Occupational and recreational sun exposure over the course of many years

Although prevention is the easiest way to fight wrinkles, we cannot avoid the reality that indeed, we are all aging, but with these guidelines we can hope that, at least, we will age with grace:

� Plan a healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables. This is not only beneficial to the skin, but to the whole body as well.

� If you do smoke, stop. If you do not, best for you, but do avoid places where a lot of people smoke, t can affect your skin and your health as well.

� Drink plenty of water always. At least eight glasses of water is recommended in a day.

� If you think you don't get enough vitamins from what you eat, take vitamin supplements.

� Take care of your skin every day, wash and moisturize daily.

� Stay away from the sun and when outdoors, use sunscreen.

� Have a happy outlook in life. Studies show that stress and anxiety can affect the skin. Stay happy always.

The �eternal promise of youth� can be seen in the innumerable products and procedures advertised in books, magazines, and other media that promise "younger-looking skin." But, many claims for such youth-enhancing methods are unfortunately overblown or entirely nonexistent.

Still, effective techniques for softening and even removing wrinkles do exist. There are new products in the market that have shown good results: those containing SKIN REGENERATING ACTIVATORS, that both get rid of damaged cells and trigger their replacement with new healthy skin cells produced from within the deep layers of your skin.

One is BIO SKIN CARE cream, which contains a natural biological ingredient, collected from live land snails, the same they use to quickly repair their own skin and shell when damaged. It is contained in the mucin secreted by the snails, and gathered through a process that is safe for them. The active ingredient in the product is a complex of Glycoproteins that gently eliminate worn out cells, while at the same time triggering the reproduction of new collagen and elastin cells, resulting in a coordinated biological regulation of the skin renewal process and thus advanced skin rejuvenation.