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Composition of Pueraria Mirifica

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Composition of Pueraria Mirifica

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Composition of Pueraria Mirifica - Quickly and Easily!

Pueraria Mirifica

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Think you already know what this subject is all about? Chances are that you dont, but by the end of this article you will!

The compounds that make Pueraria Mirifica different from any other phytoestrogen containing plants in the Family Leguminosae are Miroestrol and Deoxymiroestrol, which possess maximum estrogenic activity among the known phytoestrogens due to structural similarity to estradiol, Miroestrol was actually the first compound secluded from this stand by a group of German chemists in 1940, but the stand had been mistakenly reported then as Butea Superba. It was later on classified as a new stand called Pueraria mirifica open Shaw et Suvatabhandu.

The isolation and identification of deoxymiroestrol from the delve of Pueraria Mirifica has just been reported in the February 2000 rise of the Journal of physical Products, The authors proposed that since deoxymiroestrol is certainly oxidized to miroestrol, deoxymiroestrol, not the previously reported miroestrol, is more likely to be the actual substance constituent of Pueraria Mirifica.

However, it is very likely that the two phytoestrogens coexist in the delve of this plant. As exposed below, the substance structures of two compounds are very similar to that of estradiol, the foremost human estrogen.

To understand the next part of this article, you need to have a clear grasp of the material that has already been presented to you.

In addition to miroestrol and deoxymiroestrol, Pueraria Mirifica also contains other chemicals that belong to isoflavone and coumestran groups of phytoestrogens, e.g., Genistein, Daidzein, Daidzin, Genistin, and Coumestrol that are commonly found in soybeans (Table 1). However, the estrogenic activity of Miroestrol and Deoxymiroestrol is greatly more effective than that of soy isoflavones.

What is profit effects of substance composition from Pueraria mirifica ?

While Soya and Alfafa contains low quantity and low estrogenic of the phytoestrogens, many researches piercing out the profit effects of those chemicals, especially to act as a forceful Anti-Breast Cancer, Anti-Prostate Cancer, Anti-Colon Cancer, Anti-Cardio-Vascular disease via the fall of blood cholesterol and also Anti-Menopausal Syndrome. The phytoestrogens in the Pueraria Mirifica ( White Kwao Krua) is more concentrated and superior efficacy. By this distinguish property, biotechnology application has exposed up for this herb.

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