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Distinguishing A Womans Integral Signature Perfume Scent

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Distinguishing A Womans Integral Signature Perfume Scent

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All of us love to smell great, and all of us are pulled in by a certain kind of scent. At the same time, just as we are attracted by a certain perfume, we are displeaseed by others.

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We frequently show ourselves through the utilisation of perfumes, and the kind of scent that we use the most to show our own personality is one that is often named our signature fragrance.

What regulates our alternative for our very own signature scent? It depends from person to person, since our bodies have a certain chemical makeup that is unique by itself. It is determined by our own genetic traits as well as by the lifestyle choices that we make. It is also the reason why some scents that we like to smell on others may not smell as good on our own skin.

There is an assumption floating about among biochemical experts that our choice of signature smells depends on which of our four senses – the sense of smell excluded – influences our personality. A person can either be sight-dominant, taste-dominant, touch-dominant or sound-dominant. Whatever sense drives our personality more also plays a larger role in our choice as to what our signature scent may be.

The Signature Scent for Sight-Dominant People

People who are sight-dominant are very visual. They derive pleasure from the things they see more than anything else, and they often can describe the things they see with vivid accuracy. Such people are often very energetic and full of life.

The signature scent for most sight-dominant people is either floral or fruity. Such a scent gives off a lot of energy, and such energy matches the florid personality of a sight-dominant person more than any other.

The Signature Scent for Taste-Dominant People

Food plays an important role in the lives of taste-dominant people. They do not eat food just for the sake of eating; every bite they take in is chewed slowly and savored for each and every distinguishing taste registered on their tongue. Taste-dominant people are gourmets and epicureans – they get their pleasure from eating exquisite food. They see food more than just a way to nourish bodies, and neither do they see it as something to be abused. They have a healthy respect for food.

Such people who are taste-dominant often go for signature scents that have a hint of the aroma of food in them. It is not surprising for them to choose to wear perfumes made from vanilla or chocolate, or from fruits like oranges and strawberries. They find such scents delicious.

The Signature Scent of Touch-Dominant People

Touch-dominant people love getting in close contact with other people. Whenever they talk, they often hold the arm or the hand of the person they are talking to just to make sure that they have that person’s attention. They are also creatures of comfort. They love soft things and warm things. Touching silk or velvet with their bare fingers or letting their feet sink in the sand bring so much pleasure to them. More often than not, they also have pets that they adore so much.

Such touch-dominant people are often attracted to the warm scents like musk, sandalwood or amber. Perfumes made from these bases appeal to touch-dominant people because of their innate heat and the intimacy they imply. Soft, warm and comforting scents are the signature scents of touch-dominant people.

The Signature Scent of Sound-Dominant People

People who are sound-dominant tend to love music to a fault. They can recognize the intricacies of rhythm and melody and translate it, just like one would translate a foreign language. They also love to talk, but they love to listen just as much as they love to talk, simply because they like hearing nuances in other people’s voices. Such people are also great at mimicking sounds or impersonating the way another person speaks.

The signature scents suited to sound-dominant people are spicy scents or oriental scents, made with not just spices but also with exotic flowers like the lotus or the jasmine. Such a scent has layers upon layers of complexities in it, and it suits a person who can strip away layers from something as complicated as sound.

Each person has a different signature scent. What is yours?