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Perfume has been part and parcel of human civilization dating as far back as ancient Egypt. Perfume has the ability to add romance and a surreal feel to everyday situations.

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Perfume has been part and parcel of human civilization dating as far back as ancient Egypt. Perfume has the ability to add romance and a surreal feel to everyday situations.

Just spritz or apply a few drops of this fragrant mixture of essential oils and solvents to special points in the body and you're sure to create a wonderful scent throughout the day to keep heads turning towards you to accommodate the olfactory sensation.

While perfume can be very expensive, understand that you can make your own perfumes. Sure, large brands and the perfume manufacturing industry utilize a complicated process in making perfumes but it doesn't have to be that way for you. Part of the process of industrial grade perfume is creating that particular blend of natural and synthetic scents to form that designer scent.

If you make your own perfume, it is best to eventually be bold enough to create your own scents that suit your style and mood. For beginners though, one can easily search online for free perfume recipes that as easy to prepare.

Once you become comfortable with the process and you have become familiar with the different scents, sources and how your own body chemistry reacts to the blended scents then you are on your way to making your very own unique perfume that can rival any of the commercial ones available.

What's more is that because you make your own perfume, you can be sure that you will have exclusivity over that scent and own it. The basic source of natural fragrances used in the creation of perfume are plant extracts called essential oils. Essential oils are the extracted concentrated scents from plants, which is used as the base of perfumes. It will be interesting to note that sometimes, the different parts of a particular aromatic plant can produce different smells and the nuances of each can be used and blended along with other essential oils from totally different plants to create that wonderfully unique fragrance.

When making your own perfume, you can opt to purchase ready made essential oils or do your own extraction. In purchasing essential oils however, make sure you get them from a reputable source so that you can be sure that you get 100% essential oils rather than those with additives. The higher the concentration of the essential oils, the more aromatic it is.

To make and extract your own essential oils, you will be using a multitude of plant parts to be able to achieve the fragrance that you want. For instance, some plants will have aromatic barks, or just have aromatic flowers. In case of fruits though, it is easier and best to extract essential oils from the rind of citrus fruits.

Not all fruits will be able to yield the expected scents when extracted so you're better off sticking to the fruits from the citrus family. These plant parts are not the only areas where you can extract scents though. There are of course leaves like those the chamomile and violet plants. You can also extract essential oils from some roots and some seeds.

Making your own perfume solves the problem if certain allergic reactions from highly processed and synthetic scents that are available in the market. So make your own perfume and have fun with creating your own blends that is just right for you.