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Hand In Hand Hollywood Stars and Cosmetic Surgery

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Hand In Hand: Hollywood Stars and Cosmetic Surgery

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Many of Hollywood�s biggest stars have had more than their fair share of cosmetic surgery

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Many of Hollywood�s biggest stars have had more than their fair share of cosmetic surgery. Many are quiet about it, not letting such information slip out to the public, but others are very open. While Cher may have really been the Hollywood poster child for cosmetic and plastic surgery, she is a more extreme example. Recently it seems to be Sharon Osbourne, wife of rock and roll legend Ozzie Osbourne, who is a poster child for cosmetic surgery, and unlike other stars, she is very open about it.

Sharon Osbourne has admitted that she�s blown more than half a million dollars on cosmetic surgery over her lifetime. The procedures range from trimming off extra skin to installing Barbie-sized fake boobs. Tucks, lifts, you name it, she has probably had some experience with it. When asked why she would take so much cosmetic surgery, Sharon was very straight forward in her response. Sharon Osbourne says she always dreamed of having surgery to improve her looks, because she was sick and tired of fans thinking she was Ozzie's mother. Because of this apparently common misperception, the fifty-three year old was paranoid that she wasn't good looking enough to grace the rocker's arm, and longed to be lusted after.

Sharon comments on additional background about why she wanted so much cosmetic treatments. "I was never a good looking woman.� The need to be desired even once in a while led to an insecurity, and as the wife of a world renowned rock star, the �Ozzie�s mom,� comments certainly did not help matters. A large part of her decision was also based on a desire to please her husband more. Sharon comments that after the surgery she felt for attractive for Ozzie, and in her mind was more like the person he deserved.

She struggled with weight problems, but credits a 1999 stomach banding procedure that helped her to lower her weight dramatically. She then invested in further surgery including a tummy tuck, liposuction, facelift and two boob jobs. Each time her appearance shifted, but many cosmetic surgeons have commented on how they like Sharon Osbourne as an example of cosmetic surgery, because she improves the way she appears, but does not change it. In other words, she�s trying to be an improved model of herself, not a new person, and that is what someone considering cosmetic surgery should look at.