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Is Food To Blame For Your Spots

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Is Food To Blame For Your Spots?

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Can an acne diet really help you to loose your acne? We take a look into the facts and myths surrounding food and acne.

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Are you tired with spots? Can what you eat really afflict you with acne? Many of us have heard the stories of greasy foods or too much chocolate giving you spots. Do you really have to watch what you eat?

Actually, there are many acne diet myths out there and most of them stem back to an inaccurate medical study that was taken back in the 1960ís. This study put the blame on greasy foods and chocolates for afflicting teenagers with spots. However, more recent studies have dismissed the link between food and acne. Acne occurs when your pores clog up deep down which grows into a mild infection, not because of some food youíve eaten.

However, there are some people who experience mild allergies to specific foods, and some trace minerals and additives in our foods might see the spots appear. However, if you have any reason to believe that a specific food is causing your spots, then try cutting that food from your diet for a few weeks. Then attempt to eat that food once more, if you break out in spots yet again, then you could well be allergic to it and just by cutting down that food, you have found yourself a useful acne treatment.

Also, foods which are strong in iodine will produce spots. Youíll find that seafood like shrimp is high in iodine, though youíd have to eat an awful lot of shrimp before you broke out in spots! Youíll also find that the growth hormone thatís in most milk (anything that isnít organic) as been shown in a recent 2005 study to produce hormone production in individuals, and these hormone shifts are known to make some individuals see spots! Our hormones stimulate oil production, which aids in the clogging of our pores, which all leads to acne treatment!

If you are using diet to control your acne, then consider starting with a regular skin care treatment, then look to make some diet adjustments. When you are looking to clear up your skin, try sensible things such as a healthier diet and removing suspect foods from your diet. Just remember that there are quite a few scientists who donít think there is a link between your diet and your skinís appearance, but it might be a help to you.