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Male Growth Hormone

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Male Growth Hormone

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Testosterone is a steroid hormone that is manufactured by the male testes organs, it is also regarded as the primary sex hormone by many medical practitioners & it is also connected to women and their health issues at the liver and adrenal glands.

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Male growth hormone: Testosterone

Testosterone is a steroid hormone that is manufactured by the male testes organs, which is also regarded as the primary sex hormone by many medical practitioners. The common misconception about this male growth hormone, testosterone, is that it is looked upon as being the exclusive domain of men, since it is responsible for the development of male sexual characteristics; however, this is not entirely true. ( )Testosterone, the so-called male growth hormone, is also connected to women and their health issues being produced in female bodies by the liver and adrenal glands. So, there's busting the first philosophy about the power of this male growth hormone! Let's get on with some of the things it can do in the real world.

Advantage Testosterone: top benefits of male growth hormone

The proper production of a balanced level of the male growth hormone, testosterone endows the body with many benefits, chief among which are lowered levels of cholesterol, a surge in sex drive and strong libido, a memory enhancer, mood up-lifter, improving sexual performance, adding extra doses of energy as well as protecting against heart disease. Whew! That's quite a list for a hormone that has been under a cloud from the inception of its various experimentation and subsequent results being studied over the years by psychologists, physicians, scientists on the quest for synthetically produced testosterone boosters and a whole world market awaiting the many-splendor positives of a 'test' shot.

Then and Now: tracing the history of male growth hormone supplements

The male growth hormone first 'shot' into the limelight of public lives probably way back in the 1940's with bodybuilders and athletes, actresses and public figures as well as children and adults suffering growth issues and seeking answers to boosting ( )HGH for ( )muscle build-up and possible anti-aging formulas struck upon the solution in testosterone boosters, both synthetic and natural. However, history records that even as early as scientists had been expanding the limits for male growth hormone working scope. The year 1889 saw Charles �douard Brown-S�quard, a French physiologist, on to something big when he created what he called a 'rejuvenating therapy for the body and mind'. Quite bizarre at first, the medical fraternity did not immediately take to his male growth hormone elixir, a liquid extract made from the testicles of guinea pigs and dogs. (Trust the French for breaking ground with a passion for the sublime, super feelers and nether-motivators). Brown-S�quard's version of the male ( )growth hormone supplement, among the first recorded ( )testosterone boosters, named as liquide testiculair, made claims for increasing physical strength and intellectual prowess, relieving constipation and (heaven preserve us from such directness and eccentric, irreverent Frenchmen not least bit concerned about reader sensibilities half way down the century) even lengthening the arc of his urine! Whatever the truth, we only have his word for it and no records exist whether the market at tShat time took his claims seriously, or even benefited from the early version of male growth hormone booster in liquid form as customer feedback hadn't been coined yet.

Now we have Viagra while our ancestors only had testis tissue as a fix for impotence; from the annals of history to the online stores, anti-wrinkle creams and potions to medicinal concoctions for endocrinology disorders, male growth hormone sure has come a long way.

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