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Naked Minerals the makeup that is actually good for your skin

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Naked Minerals, the makeup that is actually good for your skin

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Naked Minerals is a revolutionary all-natural mineral makeup that is easy to apply, affordable and is pressed so that it avoids the messy. effects of other mineral makeup.

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In a time where citizens are inundated with media articles and press reports describing the decline of air and water quality, educated consumers search to find products that provide safer, healthier advantages over conventional wisdom. Organic produce and all natural products tout the benefits of chemical-free lifestyles while still maintaining consistent quality. Although many of these products can be found in grocery stores and specialty food markets, few have found their way into the cosmetic aisle. Naked Minerals provides all the benefits of traditional cosmetics while improving skin quality with healthy, all natural ingredients.

Naked Minerals has only begun to find its place among quality, natural cosmetics and it will only continue to grow. Like other mineral makeup, Naked Minerals uses pulverized minerals and rocks to create a light powder that floats on the skin, creating a lightweight, natural look and feel. Since the powder in Naked Mineral cosmetics contains no additives, fillers, or binders, nothing is absorbed into the skin and pores are left open to let the skin breath. Because of this, Naked Minerals does not weigh down skin or look heavy. Instead, the minerals allow skin to regenerate and heal, providing a healthy atmosphere for cell development.

The natural ingredients in Naked Minerals provides an all-natural protective barrier against damaging sunlight while improving skin quality. The light layer of powder provides SPF 15 protection without the use of damaging chemicals. By floating on the skin, the minerals and mica protects the skin from ultraviolet sunlight while reflecting light in such a way that produces a look of radiance. This glow is a result of both light reflection and healthier skin. In addition to floating on the skin and allowing air circulation through the pores, Naked Minerals makeup contains skin-conditioning vitamin E and will not clog skin or flare acne. In fact, by allowing skin to breath while reducing the appearance of acne, Naked Minerals cosmetics creates an atmosphere in which blemishes can heal. Traditional pimple medicine and treatment clogs pores and increases oil production, causing even greater skin problems. Naked Minerals reduces the appearance of these blemishes while providing healthier skin conditions to promote healing.

Naked Minerals also provides relief from common skin conditions such as Rosacea, brown spots, dark circles, and sunburn. Not only will these natural cosmetics protect skin from continued sun abuse, but the minerals and powders even out skin tones, providing balanced color throughout the face. Naked Minerals skin products combine light reflecting powders that diffuse light around dark areas and create the appearance of smoother, younger skin while promoting healthier skin with each use. The versatility of each product provides a wide range of cosmetic use and skin protection in one small package. These products provide the radiant look while still maintaining healthy and natural beauty.