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Anhui Provincial Hospital is an entity in China

Chinese newspaper publishes, and then deletes, report that called video gaming ‚Äėspiritual opium‚Äô, hitting Tencent stocks
The report by the Economic Information Daily singled out Tencent and its popular video game Honour of Kings Shares of Chinese video gaming giants Tencent and NetEase tumbled by at least 10 per cent in ...

Chinese newspaper labels gaming ‚Äėspiritual opium‚Äô and calls out Tencent, fanning fears of a crackdown
The report from Xinhua-affiliated Economic Information Daily marks a strong attack on the country’s gaming industry and its leading player. However, the piece shows few signs that it represents the ...

Chinese newspaper deletes report that called video gaming ‚Äėspiritual opium‚Äô, said to misportray Beijing‚Äôs official stance
A report against video gaming by a newspaper managed by the Xinhua News Agency was deleted from the publication's website and on its WeChat account at noon on Tuesday, a move that one regulatory ...

China‚Äôs Global Times newspaper says US holds ‚Äėmajor responsibility‚Äô for Covid pandemic as ‚Äėlargest spreader‚Äô
Chinese state-backed newspaper the Global Times accused the United States of holding ‚Äúmajor responsibility‚ÄĚ for the Covid-19 pandemic after a congressional report blamed China for the virus‚Äô spread.

Multinational consumer plays keen on China
China has reached its first centenary-related goal and is embarking on a new journey to fulfill its second centenary-related goal of building a strong and modern socialist country in all respects.

China should better protect minors on the internet - People's Daily
China should better protect minors from the dangers of the internet, according to an opinion article in the People's Daily, the official newspaper of the Chinese Communist Party, published on ...

China’s Delta Outbreak Cuts Travel, Prompting GDP Downgrades
China’s broadest Covid-19 outbreak since the beginning of the pandemic in late 2019 is hampering tourism and spending during the peak summer holiday, prompting analysts to review their economic growth ...

China should better protect minors on the Internet, says state media, a day after 'spiritual opium' article
SHANGHAI: China should better protect minors from the dangers of the Internet, according to an opinion article in the People's Daily, the official ...

Tencent sinks after China denounces online gaming
Shares of Tencent Holdings Ltd. and rivals fell Tuesday after a state-owned Chinese newspaper criticized online gaming as “opium for the mind," fueling investor concerns that the companies’ popular ...

China's domestic vaccines still effective against Delta variant: newspaper
The vaccine doses currently being administered across China continue to demonstrate good preventive and protective effects against the COVID-19 Delta variant, China Daily reported Monday. "Available ...

China Private Oil Refiner Dodged $2 Billion Tax: State Newspaper
A report by China’s state-run newspaper has singled out independent oil refiner Hengli Petrochemical Co. for allegedly skirting taxes in a move that could prompt more government scrutiny of the ...

Germany's Warship To Conduct Military Exercise With India, Allies In South China Sea
It would be the first time in almost two decades that a German warship has set its course for Indo-Pacific on orders of German Chancellor Angela Merkel.