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Holy Family Virika Hospital is an entity in Uganda

As Uganda reopens schools, we must not leave our girls behind
In some villages, sexual assault against teenage girls with no school to go to has skyrocketed, as has teenage pregnancy ...

Uganda peacekeepers complete post mission course
Maj Gen Sam Okiding commended troops for the vital strength and capabilities towards international engagements in Somalia which has raised Uganda’s flag higher.

Uganda Destroys Expired Virus Shots on Slow Uptake
Uganda will destroy more than 400,000 doses of Covid-19 vaccines after they expired following a low uptake in the country’s northern region, the Saturday Monitor newspaper reported.

Uganda plans to amend law, system of government
In what seems to be a throwback to the 1980s Constitutional framework, there are plans in Uganda to amend the Constitution and adopt a parliamentary system, in which Parliament forms the electoral ...

Maya Angelou: The smell of new money in Uganda
Uganda may not have founding fathers that everyone can unanimously rally around, but we definitely have national heroines that deserve to be brought back into national consciousness each time we make ...

The Continent: Africa's ambitious newspaper, designed for WhatsApp
Even though it's published as a PDF file and distributed on a messaging platform, The Continent feels like an old-fashioned newspaper: Catchy headlines, short stories, reported pieces and interviews ...

Term starts in Uganda – but world’s longest shutdown has left schools in crisis
Pre-Covid the country battled poor learning outcomes, now experts fear fee rises and school closures will see many more children miss out ...

Covid-19: Education tips EAC States can draw from Uganda
This is a special month for millions of learners in Uganda after the country ended the world’s longest school closure due to Covid-19, ordering over 15 million students back to the classroom after an ...

Ugandan author and government critic is arrested by armed men who 'threatened to break his legs' after he called the president's son an 'obese curmudgeon'
A prominent Ugandan novelist and government critic has been arrested after armed men stormed his home and threatened to break his legs, his lawyer says. Kakwenza Rukirabashaija, an outspoken ...

Canadian doctor delivers ‘Miracle’ baby on overnight flight to Uganda
A Canadian doctor helped a woman deliver a baby 35,000 feet in the air last month Doha, Qatar, to Entebbe, Uganda, according to a report on Saturday. On the plane on 5 December, the Qatar Airways ...

Israel to depot Sudan and Eritrean migrants via Uganda
The newspaper said Uganda will either accept the migrants, or serve as a transit point for migrants on their way to their countries. The revelation follows the lifting of a gag order after a ...