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Dronning Ingrids Hospital is an entity in Greenland

Meet 5 remarkably old animals, from a Greenland shark to a featherless, seafaring cockatoo
Two new studies reveal fascinating new information about why some animals are able to live so long. Let me introduce you to five animals who lived over a century, and their remarkable lives.

Some Greenland polar bears adapt to hunt without sea ice
Polar bears have long been seen as a symbol of global warming's damaging impact on the natural world. The bears rely on Arctic sea ice to hunt seals - so its decline puts the species at risk of ...

This is how you can experience Iceland and Greenland while staying in Squamish
Ever wondered what it's like to freedive into Icelandic waters, kick crampons into towering Greenland icebergs, and surf and paddle through Arctic waves. On July 7, folks will get a taste of all those ...

Air Greenland forced to operate 10-hour flight to nowhere
Air Greenland was forced to operate a 10-hour “flight to nowhere” after weather conditions made it impossible to land. The airline flies one main route, the 2,200-mile journey between the Danish ...

A group of polar bears has found a shaky oasis in Greenland
Scientists say they've found a group of polar bears in Greenland that seem to have stumbled on an icy oasis that might allow their small population to hang on.

Wolverhampton woman battles the elements during crossing of Greenland ice cap
A woman from Wolverhampton has completed a treacherous crossing of Greenland ice cap, battling through temperatures as low as minus 40 degrees Celsius.

Iceland, Greenland and the United States
THE consciousness that the far north is an area of great strategic importance to the United States is no longer limited to the small group of men who began to listen to Vilhjalmur Stefansson's gospel ...

Brexit fury: Fish prices soar as UK FAILS to strike Greenland deal: 'Added bureaucracy'
More info The report detailing these threats to the UK’s food supply and security was launched at the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Greenland on Monday. For the UK, Greenland is a ...

Polar bears face existential threat as ice melts. Some in Greenland have already adapted.
An isolated group of polar bears living in southeast Greenland has surprised scientists with its ability to survive in a habitat with relatively little sea ice.

New study finds polar bears in southeast Greenland use sea ice and freshwater ice to hunt
Polar bear researcher Kristin Laidre took these video clips while researching how the bears are surviving southeast Greenland's changing climate ...

Scientists find new population of polar bears in sea-ice free region
Polar bears face an existential threat from the rapid decline of Arctic sea ice, which they rely on as platforms to hunt seals.

S&P Global downgrades developer Greenland to ‘selective default’
Ratings agency S&P Global on Wednesday downgraded Greenland Holdings to “selective default”, after the Chinese state-backed property developer extended the maturity of its $500-million bonds by one ...