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Center for Research & Training in Skin Diseases & Leprosy is an entity in Iran
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The Scorched-Earth Tactics of Iran’s Cyber Army
Amid ongoing protests, the Iranian regime has lost control of its image, pushing it to employ increasingly drastic tactics where everyone loses.

Iran hostages bitter that John Connally may have stalled their release to help Reagan win
Hostages held by Iranian militants for 444 days were appalled to learn that former Texas Gov. John Connally urged their captors through backchannels to ...

Iranian refugee-turned-pop star on how she escaped Tehran’s brutal ‘gangster regime’
EXCLUSIVE: Shab fled an Iran that was high on the Islamic Revolution when she was barely eight-years-old. She sought a normal life of freedom. Instead, she found success as a global star.

Fresh sanctions levelled at Iran for human rights abuse
Fresh sanctions have been issued by the federal government against Iranian entities and individuals for human rights ...

Iranian football player Azmoun to miss friendly match against Russia
Iranian football player Serdar Azmoun will miss the friendly match against Russia due to personal circumstances. This was reported on March 19 by the news ...

Biden honors Iranian women at Nowruz celebration
President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden used a White House event to mark Persian New Year on Monday to pay tribute to Iranian women and girls who took to the streets of Iran to protest following ...

Iranian activist who has lost 10kg marks Norouz on 26th day of hunger strike
Vahid Beheshti is calling on the Government to proscribe the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps orouz, or Iranian New Year, is looking a little different for British Iranian activist Vahid Beheshti ...

Iranian man who raped lodger in London 'can't be deported in case he is persecuted in his homeland'
A Iranian rapist facing deportation has won the right to remain in the UK after convincing a judge that he would face persecution in his native country.

Iran says education for women is Afghan internal affair
March 18 - BLiTZ. Iranian Ambassador to Kabul Hassan Kazemi Qumi, in a meeting with the Minister for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, Mohammad Khaled Hanafi, said that issues related to ...

Iranian protesters recount daily beatings, forced confessions and torture tactics while in detention
She says she had been beaten with batons, whipped, tasered and mentally battered by Iranian officials trying to force a confession from her. Her small body was already covered in bruises and welts ...

China, Russia and Iran hold naval drills in Arabian Sea
Russia, China and Iran have completed three-way naval exercises in the Arabian Sea that included artillery fire ...

Iran president welcomes Saudi king's visit invitation
Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi has received an invitation from Saudi Arabia's King Salman to visit the kingdom ...